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    A friend of mine from elementary school just gave birth to her 5th child. -___-
    #5 for her... a 21 year old girl who doesn't want any children to begin with... and I has no babiez.

    I've known for years that one thing I really want to do with my life is be a mom. A proper mother... not just a person with a baby.
    I haven't given up hope completely, I suppose...
    Some day things may change and maybe my heart will heal and I will find a decent guy to mix genes with?

    Names I really adore for baby girls; Ruby (as well as Jade and Garnet) Fawn, Rena and Madison.
    Names I've thought of for boys; Kai, Vance and Brock.

    I prefer odd names, I guess...

    Anyways... good for you, KC. Lucky #5 or something like that... -___- better get working on #6!
    I'm just jealous... At the same time though-- I feel sorry that your children will never have a responsible mother. You may love them; but you're not acting like a mother-- you are acting like a little brat; just as you've always been.
    I really do wish the best for your growing family-- and hope that you clue into reality sometime soon. Babies are responsibility, not a Government cheque.
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    Wow.... I agree - babies are a wonderful responsibility -

    I didn't have my first till I was 26 - so you have time - better to be ready to do whatever it takes to give to them as they grow. I ended up with 7 children and each is a wonderful gift (and challenge :) )

    You have the right attitude, better to heal, trust and make a commitment to give a stable home - the children you have will be lucky to have such a wonderful mom!

    Keep going the way you are, Take Care and be patient - you never know what lies ahead! Hopefully, only good! :hug: