Babysitting job= anxiety

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    I know most of what I'm thinking is irrational but it dosnt mean i can stop the thoughts no matter how much i tell myself that it still dosnt stop it.

    I know i have looked after this girl quiet a few times without her mum or dad around. But now it feel so different and more responsibility as before they were mostly out for fun not because both parents were working.

    I will be picking her up from school everyday so I'll be the ione who communicates with her teachers. Some night it will be dinner and bed and I'll be sleeping at their house as it will be to late for me to go home as they only own one car and my friend won't be home till well after midnight and her partner gets home around 10.30/11 during the week night but later Friday's as he is a chef.

    I don't know what my friends roster will be yet she will either finish around 3pm or midnight but there is also travel time to get home and she could be working 3he drive from home(i hope that will be a rare exception) and it won't be more than 2hrs for her to get home even that's a big drive.

    I am panicked if somthing happens to her daughter as I don't have my licence so i dont drive or even have a car so in an emergency i can't really get anywhere fast. Her partner is at least a 20min train ride away plus walking to and from his work or to the house. I'm panicked i wont be good enough to look after her I'm panicked somthing will go wrong that she will get hurt and it will be my falut.....or she won't listen to me about somthing. I'm scared to be firm with her and don't know how to do it properly(with her) she is not a difficult child at all she is quiet good but I'm just scared. What if she starts to miss her mum and I can't calm her down......she misses her dad when he's at work she always has but she has not been away from her mum this long before. This week will be the first week so I don't expect her to miss her to much just yet. I just panic she will get upset or hurt and I won't be able to comfort her or calm her.

    I can't even get out all that's going through my head its just going so fast right now.
    This is my only friends daughter and i have spent quiet a lot of time with them both and know quiet well how my friend and her partner parent but I am different I will try and do my best to stick to their ways but i know things will be different.

    I'll just shut up now as I could go on and on.