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Back... after a while

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Haven't been on the boards in a long time. My misery culminated in a suicide attempt on Sunday night, ended up in hospital after being found and now I'm taking a year out of university. I'm now at home with my family. I don't really want to be here it's hard. My flatmates didn't want me to stay anymore so I had no choice, so it's a year of living here. Ick... but I guess I will just get a job, pass my driving test and I'm going to see a counselor here too.


hey, it is better for your health for you to take a year out and get sorted rather than carry on depressed in uni. this way you can have a clear mind when you go back and achieve great results. i think it is great that you are doing this, even if you dont.
Good luck with the getting a job and the driving test! I have my test coming up soon too. eek.

As for being home.. I'm sure that once you have been out on your own. with all the independance coming back home would be difficult for mainly the reason that it doesn't feel so independant anymore. plus, family can suck. At least there will be (hopefully) good support there.. and people to look after you. I'm glad to hear the attempt failed, though Im sure you dont' feel so great about that (unless you do....) :hug: Glad to have you back around. I really honestly hope things improve. Looks like your on track to get things that way!

Take care :hug:
I'm not sure if I am happy or unhappy about it... it's difficult - guess it was only 3 days ago so I can still be confused about it all.

Did not sleep one bit last night, I am just so worried about how my flatmates feel about me. I have never felt so scared and alone when I was in the hospital and had to discharge myself. I had to plead for bus money off of the nurses so I could get back to my flat.
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