Back Again for the Second Time

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by strawberry gashes, Jun 25, 2013.

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  1. strawberry gashes

    strawberry gashes Active Member

    Hello everyone,

    I joined this site a few years back after my life had taken a turn for the worse after a few months of trying so hard I was finally able to live my life to a at least close to normal state. The past few months though have brought me back to my suicidal ways after losing my grandfather whom I have lived with since I was born and losing most of the few friends I had I felt the need to end it all but stopped myself but I knew I needed help after a failed suicide attempt yesterday and the only reason I'm even here is because my friend talked me out of it. I will work hard to get back to my old self and could use support from you guys and maybe even make some friends. My name is Matthew by the way feel free to message me any time for any reason from a chat to just saying hi. Everyone could use a friend or a shoulder to cry on sometimes
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi Matthew i am glad your friend talked to you and got you to reach out for support I hope also hun you can talk to your doc and see what you can get to help you cope re therapy etc welcome back hun
  3. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    Matthew, I am so sorry to read that your grandfather passed. loss and grief can be a long and ardious process to get through. For me with my father it was horrible. It was the last straw in an already falling apart time of my life. Having said that, I did get through it. It took a while to rebuild things. I had to find a good therapist and went on meds for anxiety and depression. This was right for me. I cannot say what is right for other people of course.

    Mostly. I am glad you came back for the support you need right now. Please just keep posting. Because I do think your idea of making friends here is great.
  4. strawberry gashes

    strawberry gashes Active Member

    Yes I am too, she is an amazing friend :) <3 The loss is still hard but I know that someday I will meet my old buddy in heaven and he will be a cleaner, Healthier, and happier :) I am sorry to hear about the loss of your father I can say I relate as my grandfather was my father figure and my adoptive father for the last few years of his life. My birth father is not fit to be called a father 99% of the time just a slack who puts his wants and needs before what should really matter the most to him :(
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