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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Mariah, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. Mariah

    Mariah Guest

    Hey guys, i dont know how many people are still here from last time i was... but this is Ivy who changed her name to Mya.... now im using my legal name Mariah.

    i havent been on for a few years... but i find myself needing some suport again....

    i got married a year ago, its already falling apart....

    i found out what my diagnosis is, schitzoaffective, just to learn its so unknown there are no meds for it... just for full blown schitzophrinia....

    i almost killed myself last augist so now i have to live with the huge scar on my arm... altho it does cover most of the little ones from my cutting, but sence i almost died i dont cut anymore... its leaving me with nothing to do with my depression or anxiaty... and i feel myself closing off... getting cold... i spent 3 hours on a video game jumping off a cliff then reloading my game... im scared... i dont want to do anything stupid... but sometimes things feel so fake... so far away... i just want to know its real... that im real... but no one cares... my husband tells me "so kill yourself already, im so sick of hearing about your suicidal bullshit" when i ask for help or try to explain that im hurting, so i came back to the one place i felt understood.... :upset::upset::disillusionment:
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hi Mariah i am so sorry your husband is not helping you You do need professional help hun Who ever told you there are not meds for schizoaffective is werong hun My daughter has that illness and she i on medication and so much better now hun so much stable Your husband cannot help you hun he does not have the skills too You get yourself to a psychiatrist that knows medication and how to help you there are many different types of medication hun that will help you with your illness andyour depression Glad you are back here hun with people who do understand and who will not judge you HUGS
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