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I'm so worn out, I've been working from home since last Mach, OH is working in the office. Since then we've lost three fur babes, one was ours, we adopted from a puppy, and two were rescued, we've lost both of them. Sorry for whingng
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I've also been working from home since March. It has it's advantages, but it's also super isolating. I don't have any good answers for that, but I do understand.

The loss of a pet, especially one you consider family, is so hard. I can't imagine losing three. That's really hard. How are you coping with that? I mean are you hanging in there okay? Feel free to talk as little or as much as you want.
I'm sorry to hear about your losses. That must be tough. I understand being exhausted. Try and rest up over the weekend if you can. Don't worry about "whinging", venting and writing thinks down is at least partially what this forum was designed for.

As last time, you'll always find a place to share and find any support or advice you need on this forum. Sending hugs *brohug.
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