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Back Again

Hello. It's been a few years since I've posted on this site, but I've found myself in that dark place again. I feel like events in my life are happening that I can't control, and it has been triggering me to think about everything that's happened in the past. It's frustrating because I know I am at a good place but I still can't help but feel sadness and numbness. I feel empty. But I want to try and come back to using this site regularly.


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Welcome. . . : ) Hopefully you can find some help here again. And even if it looks a little different than your last visit, with continued exposure, this will subside. I find that, although sometimes the names & faces may change, the stories--or "feelings," rather (behind them) generally do not / or remain the same. Nice cat! ; )
Hi @Msmolli, welcome back to the forums. I'm sorry you've started to feel bad again. Hopefully this forum can again offer you some solace.

It's frustrating because I know I am at a good place but I still can't help but feel sadness and numbness.
Just because you are in what most would consider a "good place", doesn't mean you can't be feeling bad, although I can understand it would be frustrating for you.

You're always welcome to share on the forums. I hope you can feel a bit better soon. Sending hugs *hug.


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Hey and welcome back to the forum. I hope you build up trust and friendships with the people here, it can make a huge difference to how you are feeling. The people here are so caring, selfless and will try and help you build yourself back up. Good luck in getting well again, you don't have to walk alone this time :)


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welcome back to SF @Msmolli the site may look a little different but it is still filled with good people. please stick around because we do care about you and will listen. and it would be great if you could hang around.


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