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I posted on here a few weeks ago when I took an overdose.Things haven't got a whole lot better and tonight I am trying to work out reasons not to take more pills.So far, all I've come up with is that I am waiting for a DVD from Amazon, which is pretty pathetic. I don't even know if I want to die but I think that if I overdose and end up in hospital then maybe someone will help me.
hey sorry you're feeling so bad

perhaps you ought to reach out for professional help rather than OD as a means to obtaining it.... call your doctor.... or go to A&E (ER) or call crisis team...if you are honest with them and tell them that you are planning to kill yourself they are likely to try and help you.....

hope you feel better soon :arms:


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:hug: I'm sorry you're hurting so much.

ODs are very dicey and there are loads of side effects and damage from substances. How about heading to the Emergency department yourself, without the OD?

Or skip the OD still, but wait for your DVD...and make an appointment to see your family doctor asap. Let the doc evaluate your mood etc. and get you into the right therapy.

And waiting for a DVD is not pathetic. It means you have "something" you are looking forward to. (We can compare...My little "something" is a magazine that my dad gave me a subscription to. :) )

Please stay safe!
Thank you. I just feel so tired and lost.I have talked to doctors before but. I guess I didn't feel any immediate benefit. Most of my problems are work-related and I spoke to my boss today and she was nice and helpful but it didn't have any effect, nothing changed.My therapist said I should talk to people and let them help me, but what if they can't?I tried people and I still feel this bad.


Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense
First, good for you for your courage in speaking up! Well done!

Second...Change comes slowly. Give yourself and the situation(s) at work some time to readjust to whatever you and your boss decided on today.

Third...Therapy doesn't make things automatically click into place or feel "good," but it does provide us with a safe place to land while we keep working on and waiting for things to change in situations, ourselves and relationships. Things will eventually fall into place and feel right.

And fourth, see First above. :) :hug:

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AS said by Acy hun change takes time Give it time okay Please go to emergency if you get to bad off. Just tell them straight up if they don't help you you will be not here tomorrow tell them you need hospitalization for a few days okay hugs
Thanks for the encouragement. The talking to people thing is still a bit new and scary. I never really let other people in before and I still keep tight control on what I tell most people. I feel like maybe I need to go away somewhere for a month or maybe more. But if I was signed off work that would look like I was running from the disaster that I am at least partially responsible for and then people would think me weak, a coward. Would I ever be taken seriously again? I'd just be that flake who couldn't hack it and took the coward's way out of getting a doctor's note.I've always prided myself on appearing healthy and strong and what happens if I'm not that?
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