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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by whybother?, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. whybother?

    whybother? Well-Known Member

    incase u havn't read my other 2 threads , go read

    yup im back to cutting :sad: started on my leg but ran out, so today i started on my left arm, weird thing is tho, i cut about 7 times and i just didnt feel any pain, im so numb even s/h doesnt hurt. i shud try to do sumthing that will actually hurt.....
  2. lilella44

    lilella44 Well-Known Member

    why do you need to feel pain hun? why cant you instead feel something better, like happiness or just calmness?
    i know how you feel though, cutting to get rid of the numbness.
    but it doesnt really work in the long term.
  3. whybother?

    whybother? Well-Known Member

    i need to feel pain cuz its the only thing i can feel, my arm is bleeding as i type this reply, and im VERY VERY tempted to do it again, i found a very sharp knife that does the trick. time to open up old scars, that shud be very painful and messy :smile:

    just holding back till i die tbh, soon as my friend (not my Ex if ur reading this btw!) and and my sister get on the wrong side of me, im a dead man! just a matter of time till sumthing happens!!
  4. notwanting2live

    notwanting2live Well-Known Member

    hey sweetie x im a SHer as well so i no what your going through, once youve done it so many times, it doenst feel like the same when yuo did the 1st one all those times before, all the pain has gone, all the sense of thinking that this doesnt hurt is there, and then you think you have to do something more to hurt ur self. i do it to punish myself, and also to disguise my other pains and my other hurtings. x i no where your coming from, and if youve read my post youd no y. i just hope one day you dont go to far, and i no your holding out for death, but doesnt mean you go looking for it. i hope you find the hurt that you need, but only that, as that will put your mind at ease. but i hope you dont hurt yourself too much, as from a SHers mind, nothing will change it if you really do need to self harm.

    Big Hugs

    Xx Sky xX
    PM me anytime x
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