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Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Petal, Aug 15, 2014.

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    Hey guys! I have decided to go back to counselling because counselling has always worked for me and made a significant difference. I am not in distress or unstable, I have decided to go back to remain stable, like maintenance counselling...it can't hurt! Plus she is GREAT, I love her, so kind, caring, compassionate and funny, I asked her to adopt me before lol! So yeah I have a busy week next week. Think it is a good idea to go back and hopefully will improve even further than I have and that would be wonderful :) The reason I'm going back to her specifically is because she takes the whole trust issues very seriously and has promised me that anything I ever say to her will remain confidential (I had a bad experience a long time ago when confidentiality was breached), except in the case of being a danger to myself of course which is not going to happen. She also gives me homework over email and motivates me. I'm actually very happy. I have a lot of good support around me right now! :)
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    Good stuff! Owning your health is the best way to stay well.
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    Good for you Petal! You go girl! Hugs! I am very glad that you are doing well right now...keep up the good work!!! Cheers. Trisha :makeawish:
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    Its awesome to have a Therapist like that. Happy for you. I love mine too!
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    Way to go Petal :hug2:
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    Hey again :) I went to counselling this morning, it was so good and I could open up to her so much that I asked for another session there and then lol she said she'd love to but has another client after me. She's given me some ''mind'' homework to do-which I can do in my own time. I really love the girl, she is very honest, points out my mistakes and helps me to try see other options. Love her :) Will be seeing her next Thursday. :)

    Came home to sad news..my uncle has passed away sadly. Horrible news but I know he is no longer suffering and is at peace :)
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    Awesome. Just need more people to take inspiration from this :)
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    Thanks Gary.. I told my doctor to refer patients to her if necessary, I am close with the doctor and she knows I am very fussy. Knows I would not have recommended her only if she were exceptional =) Doctor and counsellor are going to have to contact with each other anyway just to discuss my treatment and maintenance (with my permission) so I thought it's a great idea. I have met a LOT of mental health workers in the past few years, this one is special, which is why I chose her to go back to ,she is a gem :)
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    If ever I was a good T, id call myself Aladdin.... Like the diamond in the rough lol.

    But that's fantastic for you :)