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Back to feeling angry

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by rfl13, Aug 1, 2014.

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  1. rfl13

    rfl13 Member

    I posted a couple of months ago about feling depressed and angry with myself and everyone. I felt better with myself after sharing my thoughts and listening to the advice that i was given but im back to feeling depressed and angry.

    The trigger is my family and even though i love my family and we get along the stuff they say and do just makes me angry. Now and again even when they are not drunk they mention very little daft comments about me being a 22 year old virgin and never having a girlfriend and it feels like they always put me down. It is my mam, dad and little sister that do it my oldet brother doesnt live with us but he knows that is what they are like. They always say or your little sister is going to get a relationship before you.

    I am an average looking guy and most girls say im cute but when it comes to asking the girl out or if im out drinking i find it hard to talk to girls in a way which says i want you.I can talk to girls and flirt with them but when it is actually pulling the trigger i have struggled. Also i find it that when i can tell when some girls like me it is usually im not that interested in that way or i dont want to be a player and just mess with there feelings. The girls i like are usually not interested or they have a boyfriend.

    As im only part time and i dont drive i just get so mad at my family that i want to run away and not even give them an explanition because it upsets me so much that i feel depressed and angry i just want to end it so they will be left thinking why did he do that.

    Also i have been slowly going to the gym to build up and see a PT and he told me what to do to eat more and i told my family and they were like you wont do that because we know u wont and feel like where is the encouragment for me to help me better myself.

    I wrote before that i wanted to write a book but i dont know if i should do that and hope its successful so that i can get away or just end it and get away like that. I love my family but i equally hate them at the same time.
  2. Petal

    Petal SF dreamer Staff Member Safety & Support SF Supporter

    Hello,l read your post and tbh I am unsure of what to suggest. I'm curious though that you say you posted before about being depressed and wondering how you got through that, maybe if you can work through it like you did before that you might feel better. I am here if you need to talk though :hug: Just know you are being heard and we care. :)
  3. rfl13

    rfl13 Member

    This is a link to my previouse post


    I just wanted say thank you for your support i know there isnt much advice but i am trying to remain positive. It is hard though when my family do put me down or embarass me and you can say it is a parents job to embarass there son but thry shouldnt im sure there are families out there that dont do that.

    i am trying to use it as motivation to prove them wrong but it ia hard when they do trigger my depression i cant sleep im always thinking about everything and everychoice past and future on what i could of changed or trying to predict what im going to do. Im trying to not live with regret but seeing my family make little comments even know they proberly dont mean any harm i just get angry with myself.
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