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Back to the old habits

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You know how hard it is to take your own advice. Talking people out of ODing and then planning to do it yourself. I can't take the thought if losing someone. I swear i die if they die. Its a simple as that.

All day I've been wanting to OD and i haven't for someone here. Apparently theres no point anymore. So why put off ODing. I'm not gonna put it off no more. Just gonna do it. Do it enough for the hospital. Get my fecking head checked out while there, still fecking hurting.

What the hell, lets see how many pills i can down this time, been a while since i did it. Back to the same old habits. Fuck it.
Kells it don't matter anyway. What ever way im dead. I couldnt take it. No feking way i could take it. So i might aswell be dead right now.

Nothing matters anymore.
It shouldn't matter to you. It shouldn't matter anyone. It don't matter to me.

I could write pages and pages right now but theres no point. No point what so ever. I should of fucking ODed. Should of went to the shop when i first wanted to go.

Hurts soooooo fucking bad.

Ain't too late for the OD, could easily do it. Might as well.

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