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Back to work

Had a week off and theres been some good times but awful a fair bit of misery. Scared because when they ask me how my holiday is, they always detect how Im a bit depressed. But it's like how is it their business anyway? As long as I do the job and am as courteous and nice as I can be.

Not really their business is it, especially now I'm working from home.


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Sorry that your week off was a bit of a mixed time...but hope that you feel a bit re-charged and there is nothing really wrong with just being somewhat non-committal about your week off. I too sometimes feel that way when I take time off as well. Sending you positive thoughts for your week as after being off it is hard to be back in the grind as they say....


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i'm sorry you feel so bad after your week off. some employers only care if your depression is going to effect your work and don't really care about you. others genuinely care and will try to help you get better and work with you. if they care it's their business because they want their employee to be healthy and happy thus a better employee. i hope your week at work goes well...mike...*hug*shake

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