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    Why, for once in my whole damn life, cant believe be freakin happy for me!??!? Why the constant need to go behind my back and say things, that for one, arent even fucking true....and secondly, why cant they say these things to my freaking face!?!? Some friends i have!!
    I really for once, just wish things would go easily!! Last thing i need is this fucking stress!!!!
    And also...what i do or have done is my bloody business....
    With the choices i make, i will either live or die by them.....they wil make me or destroy me!!! So leave it to me to make the fucking choices!!!!!!!
    And just be there to bloody support me!!
    And also, the next thing you have something to say....say it to my fucking face!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry...but i just really needa get this out!!!

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    I am happy for your Sarah. I know what you're going through atm and I know how bad it feels to be in that situation. The best thing you can do is ignore them. They don't deserve an awesome friend like yourself! There will always be people filled with jealousy, envious of others happiness and please remember there will always be those that are happy for you. Good luck sarah :hug: