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bad anxiety habits

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I suffer from a couple anxiety habits,
whenever my father bangs on the table, or make loud noises,
my body automatically goes into anxiety mode

and I always have to chew on something,
gum, nails, clothes, anything within my reach.

Also I tend to binge eat when I'm anxious. Which later results in haveing stomach pains, until I throw it up or use laxatives.

I can't concentrate on anything and I have to always be moving my fingers
like to type or something. except I'm not typing anything that makes sense.

I also tend to be holding my breath. I don't know why but I feel like holding my breath helps make me feel hidden.

Does anyone else have these anxiety attacks too?
I'd like some ideas on what would be a healthier option to calm myself in these situations. help!


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I have hair trigger anxiety and my body needs to go into motion when I'm triggered. If I'm sitting I'll lightly tap my feet or rock back and forth. Just any movement reduces my anxiety. I also do a ridiculous amount of pacing but it is not hurting anyone- if anything it is a bit of a cardio workout. Sometimes I sit down in a chair, close my eyes and "see" the anxious energy in me being directed out and away from my body.

For the binge eating, try to not allow yourself to purge- make that a rule. If you know you can't/won't purge you will be much less likely to begin the binge. Eating disorders are very damaging to the body and very addicting. You probably know how bad vomiting is for your teeth. Good luck!


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I can relate to the being jumpy over loud noises and the holding breath part. I usually don't even realize I was holding my breath until I finally breath again.

Do you have any anti-anxiety medications? I have found those help along with doing something that takes focus so that I can't think about anything else. I actually read about this technique on here that another user posted. I'll touch my thumb to my index finger, middle finger, ring finger, pinky and then back down the other way and go back and forth until the anxiety ceases. I know it sounds really silly but it's helped me at work.
I also tend to be holding my breath. I don't know why but I feel like holding my breath helps make me feel hidden.
had this in the past

breathing a lot more "NORMAL" now that I quit smoking

do you smoke, because what you describe

might be from smoking




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I get this too completely.
But not only loud noises. Complete silence for me, but only in certain situations.
If I'm at my parents house say, if we're sitting in a room in the evening or something, if there's not music on and no one is speaking, I start getting all the major anxiety symptons, getting sweaty, pins and needles, need to put music on or say something.
I also in these silences get scared that I'll randomly make a really loud noise, or shout and stand up.
The "bangs on the table" I kind of image myself doing these things and that freaks me out.
I don't know if anyone else has similar to this.
Sounds confusing probably I know.
But yeh, I get you haha.
I'm not too sure how I deal with these things, I think most of the time I have to go somewhere on my own in fear that I'll do something spontaneously that I can't control that will effect someone else.
1. Start paying attention to your behavior.

2. See if your family or friends have noticed any habits.

3. Document when, where and why you did the habit.

4. See if there is a pattern to your behavior to help determine the cause.


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I have involuntary movement of my hands.. And I flick my big toes against the one next to them.. This has caused major calusses... I also hold my breath when I am in public..


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My body jerks involuntary when Im under alot of stress, I also am like you when I hear loud noises or yelling I go into panic mode.

I know mine comes from an violent abusive childhood.

Im also like the same above, when I get this my energy skyrockets and I need to move around and release some of that energy. Showers are a instant relief for me. Hugs, your not alone.
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