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bad daughter

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morning rush

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my mother is pushing me to the last limit, she treats me like shit and then asks me to go there and get her some smokes, I said no and all of a sudden I'm not a good person and after all that she has done for me...and I said when you help me I don't treat you like shit...to which she replied, you're right but I'm sick...


today she called me saying she was going to be back with my dad and see me once in a while...then I get a phone call from my step mom saying my mom called there, saying I'm down and have big problems etc...then she asked about my step mom and her daughter...how come she moved back with my dad etc...

so I called my mom and tell her not to call them anymore...her response was "you're not the boss of me" I said no I ain't but you're going to leave them alone...so she says I'm just like my dad the tyrant...I said damn right I am...she was trying to hurt me and I didn't bite the bait...

before it was I couldn't be her daughter because I was stupid...and other bullshit...and now all of a sudden she calls and I'm supposed to just drop everything and go??? I don't think so...

maybe that makes me the mean daughter, a crappy, selfish, uncaring daughter but I don't care anymore... I'm tired...I'm depressed and I have my own problems...I don't take it out on people...

you can all say it, I'm a bad daughter...I know I am...
hiya hon.. i'm not one for replying to threads at the moment, because I don't feel up to it, but I felt a need to reply to yours. You are not a bad daughter. You have your own issues you are attempting to deal with, which is hard enough.. add on top of that a mother who doesn't treat you appropriately? There is no wonder as to why you aren't coping too well. You do not deserve to be treated this way, and I hope you come to realize that you aren't the one in the wrong, before it is too late and you become entrenched in that false truth. Thinking of you. Hugs


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Your not a bad daughter!!! You grew up with the issues your mom was dealing with..It's just not fair..You are your own person and cudos for standing up for yourself...Your mom needs professional help and thats not your problem..Only she can make herself get it..I have read your threads and posts and you are a very careing person..Don't let anyone take that away from you..Take Care!!!
My mom always says that, that I'm not the boss of her. I know what it is like to have a mother who is not always the nicest and then asks for favors.
Really, I get so sad when I see people who have parents that always treat them so nice and always tell them they are great. I wish I had that. I don't know your exact age, but I'm 23 now and I figure I won't have to deal with my mom much longer. I already have a significant amount of independence and hopefully in 1 year, I will be completely independent.

morning rush

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I'm 28 and I live in my own apartment but my mom is in the mental hospital...

her illness is like being drunk, it removes the common sense barrier and you do whatever feels like not caring who you hurt...everybody's going well its her illness, like it should be a free pass for all that she does...

she hasn't called today...guess she's mad at me...

I just feel like the bad guy, and I'm all alone, tired, so tired...no one cares...
Sorry about your mother. Hope she gets better soon. Please don't feel like the bad guy. I understand how some might say that you have to keep the illness in consideration, but your feelings are important too and at a certain point, you have to stand up for yourself. It also hurts us when parents can not always be there for us like we need, even if we are adults now.
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