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    Had a panic attack this morning and called off work. I had to call my therapist. I'm feeling so scared and I'm not even sure why. I'm so tired of dealing with everyday problems. I stress out about things that haven't even happened. I think about suicide because I just don't want to deal with anything. It all seems so pointless. I have to force myself to eat because my stomach feels like I'm going to be sick. I'm afraid to go to bed because I don't want to face the day tomorrow. I'm sorry about ranting. I just had such a bad day.
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    I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad day!

    But I'm happy to hear you called your therapist, did that help a bit?

    Have you trained coping mechanisms with the therapist? Like breathing techniques, grounding, Butterfly hugs?
    Anxiety sucks, but sometimes there's a few things you can do to help you through the day...

    I hope tomorrow is a better day for you! *hugs*
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    Thanks Phantom Lady. My therapist helped me with breathing techniques and to concentrate on the moment and not the future problems. It's really hard sometimes.
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    Hi Peregrin, yes anxiety and panic attacks are horrible to deal with. They effect every area of your life, Ive had them for years, sometimes they'll stop for awhile but they come back. There are some books that give good information on coping with them, one is called "DARE" I can't recall the author but I got mine on Amazon. It helps you understand what causes them and what to do, might be worth a try. Take care
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    I have had panic and anxiety attacks for a long time. I don't know how to make them go away. I try to think of positive things and go to my happy place yet even that is tough to do.
  6. Peregrin

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    Thanks Brian777. I found the book "DARE." It's by Barry McDonagh. It got good reviews at Amazon. I sent away for it. I'm hoping it will help. It's so hard to function when the anxiety takes over.
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    You can also look him up on YouTube, there's a few that teach the same method on there. But if you type in panic and anxiety attacks, they should all come up. The teaching makes a lot of sense and these guys have been through bad anxiety and panic attacks to the point they couldn't leave the house. So I can take them seriously as they know what they're talking about. I hope it helps you, I really do know what you're going through, I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
    Take care