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So I'm going into self destruct mode. Things are bad with family college and friends. I'm not working, I have no motivation and this is my final year before I go to uni. I'm constantly arguing with my family. And I'm sleeping with loads of boys. I hurt someone I really care about by sleeping with someone else. I don't really know how to stop everyone thinks I'm a slag but I just want someone to love me. I told my ex that I was in love with him still and he mocked me. He's done me so wrong in the past. E.g. Posting my nudes in group chats and on social media. I'm insecure and alone :( suicide seems the only escape
Hey mate i always seem to say the wrong things so apologies but you must learn to love your self before you can love others. Your not a "slag" your just dealing with stress in your way. Im more of a drug guy my self. You dont need a bloke who treats you in that way. Your better then that
You say that you are without motivation, have you considered getting a job, even if its part-time it can still be motivating? It may even give you an opportunity to focus on something different for a change. Also, if you would like to talk to someone more in depth you might be able to get a bit more help by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
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