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Bad Day

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My cat died. He was only 6. I don't have the energy to write about details again. I did on my blog.

But it has pushed me lower than I thought possible. I am not going to go and kill myself over a cat. But, it's making me have some serious stupid thoughts.

He was brought for me by Gom my ex after I attempted suicide the first time. He thought he would cheer me up and give me focus. So I am having stupid thoughts like well, he's gone now. It's a sign....

Stupid I know.

He didn't live with me he stayed with Gom...reasons explained in blog. I feel bad for how emotional I have been about it. Guilty of my feelings for some reason. I feel like I am being stupid and have no right to them as I have not seen him in a year.

Also...it has put me back in contact with Gom. I couldn't really ignore him like I usually do and we have sent a couple of pleasant emails back and forth. So that's got my head in a spin also.

It's so stupid.


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Mine died last year - had him for 15 years also.

I made a small donation to the Peoples dispensary for sick animals, an animal welfare group that runs a state of the art pet hospital in various areas of the UK.

Said a prayer also - cried after everyone had gone home.

You got to take heart that but for you the cat would have had a miserable life of hardship.

My cat died twice. First time he vanished - never saw him for over a year till one day he just jumped off the fence and clambered down a tree and looked up and made his 'i want food' face. I was overjoyed.

Later found out he had lived a few streets away - some women took him in feeding him the best food a cat could want - meat off the joint of meat, not the tinned stuff with 5% meat and the meat itself of dubious quality.

Anyhow, as a reward I fed him the best meat till he sadly passed away.


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Thanks guys. I am feeling totally crap about it still and the amount of times I have had t hold back tears today. It's a a bit shit really. It's not fair.
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