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Bad Day

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I am experiencing such a bad day. I have a profound sadness that I cannot shake. I am taking my meds, trying coping techniques that I learned in Partial, but nothing is helping me out of this funk. I am off from work today and really trying to get out of this mood. My reactions to people are so fake. I am kind to the store clerk, nice to my neighbors, good with my customers where I work (I am a waiter so I have to be up.) It is so draining. But, sitting here typing out my feelings about my situation helps. I am glad that I found this site. The site even sent me a birthday wish electronically, that made my day. I ususally don't let people know my birthday, I really don't care for the attention.

I am so jealous of people that are naturally happy, they have problems too, but don't have to take pills or work at being happy. I am bitter too. I have no faith in things I really belived in: religion, family, friends, our country (USA). I am even guilty about this post. Everything I ever was taught or learned seems to be a lie.

One of the things that really gets me down is a sense of what I call "global doom". I see a breakdown in society, people seem so mean. I know that is a wrongful generalization, but it is the way I feel.

Maybe things will be better tomorrow, all I can do is hope.

If anyone reads this, I thank you. I hope you can see that I am not thinking correctly and it may somehow be helpful to you.


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Have you tried exercise?? Takeing along walk can help release seritonan in the brain..It might help then again it might not.. They say you have to workout for thirty minutes before it kicks in..Anything after that thirty Is what helps..


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I know what you mean about global doom. Maybe all we can do is focus on our immediate circumstances?
It's draining being nice to people, especially when your livelihood depends on it so it's ok to have some down time sometimes. But then it's good to do things that make you feel happy in yourself. The exercise suggestion is good. What things do you enjoy? xx
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