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Bad experiences with your medical professional?


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Includes all kinds of doctors... GP, Therapists, Psychiatrist, Psychologists or even Pharmacist.

Personally, after 3/4 visits regarding my SA, my GP gave me 4 months worth of medicine I said barely worked and told me it was so I would stop coming back so often out-right.:grr: Ever since I haven't been able to go back to that man. I need a change in doctor.

Anyone else had bad experiences?


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I've had bad experiences with psychiatrists. When that has happened while I'm living at home, I have just switched doctors. I hope you are able to do so, especially because of how he implied that he was giving you what wasn't really helping just so you wouldn't come back often. Good luck. :hug:
yeah i had a bad experience with a shrink a few months ago he gave me very unhelpful advice and made me feel terrible about the problems i had(stupid advice like your mother wont be around forever so you have to stop depending on her and you have to have goals in life to work towards i really ended up thinking that i'm not here for a damn job interview i'm here to get help) he even implied that i was being nothing but a complete burden on my family. i left feeling even worse than when i came in
I just now started therapy and the medicade office gave me a therapist that didn't speak enough english to understand half of what I said, there I sat pouring my heart out, just to be told to repeat what I said all the time and be asked the meaning of words. Unfortunatly, texas medicade doesn't allow you to switch because they will only pay for a few visits with pre-approved therapists, and she was the only female one in my county. I got no help from her, I felt like I was teaching an english class or something. And the worst part, at the end of the session she said she's not qualified to help someone with my types of problems. What does that mean? That I'm too screwed up for her to be able to help me?
i had the same problem with the first shrink i saw since english wasn't his first language i had to really concentrate hard on what he was saying to me but it was really difficult since he had a very thick accent


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Had a couple but this one sticks out, I was fourteen and talking with a therpist about 68 year old man, I didn't really like but my parents forced me to see. He gets a phone call picks it up during our session (rude I know) a woman begins yelling at him over the phone, after five minuets my therpist screams, "I am sorry you feel that way mom but I am very happy in my profession" and hangs up. He is silent for two-three minuets then begins to cry for five minuets straight, I mean gushing tears. Eventually I get the nerve to say "we can probably call it an early day now" he says ok, I run out of the office never to see him again.


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I remember when I was 15 and came out to my parents that I had been self harming so they took me to see a GP to get me some help. He was one of those old fashioned ones who didn't believe mental illness was an actual illness. He said that self harming and feeling sad was a normal part of being 15 years old. Needless to say about a month later I tried to kill myself. Oops.

And right now my psych's won't listen to a word I say. Read my case on paper, never see the same one so they just feed of the previous doc's notes so I have no continuity. They won't listen about my mood swings and cycles, hallucinations etc. it is just the same thing all the time "Oh we will increase your sertaline"


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I had a nurse practitioner from last November until this April, and she gave me a major pissy attitude. I don't know what her problem was but she said I was the hardest case she had. Sorry I was allergic to two of the medications? :| The one I have now is great and seems like she cares about my issues.


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nothing to do with my depression but still a crap experience.

I had a thorn in the back of my hand (dont ask) and it punctured my vein (odds of that are like 1/100000) the guy who took it out was a student -_- and he didnt use enough painkillers and half way through i could feel him in the back of my hand and by the end of it i could feel him stitching up my hand fully. MORON


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Too many bad experiences to count. You really have to stand up for yourself in some of these places. Psychiatrists always want to put you into specific categories, when really things are more complicated then that.


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I have so many stories..... Most of them are about Psychiatrists but there are a few bad experiences i had with other doctors too. Also ive had my share of bad counsellor/therapists.

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Too many bad experiences to count. You really have to stand up for yourself in some of these places. Psychiatrists always want to put you into specific categories, when really things are more complicated then that.
I can totally relate to this and agree 100% with this statement.

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