Bad experince with last therpist

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    Basiclly my situation is this, I was a student in 08 but had to withdraw for severe depression and social anxiety issues, my therpist at that time then reffered me to another therpist because she said she didn't do the type of intense treatment I needed. Anyway I saw the new therpist and we actually hit it off well it was a good fit, unfourtnetly their was insurance issues that we had to get sorted out so I began to ring up a large bill, so I switched to an insurance that covered mental health better. Problem is I was removed from this because my parents and my therpsit decied they didn't want to upset, me. Time goes by, therpay is going well except I am still ringing up a larger bill. Eventually out of the blue she tells me I owe her 10,000 dollars and she won't see me anymore because of the bill, my parents came up with the idea to ask her to sign som ething saying that the bill is under their name since I was removed from the fincial situation but she refused, and afterwards her demenour changed and she was much more cold. I asked her to send me and my parents a bill but she hasen't done that and now I live in fear every day that I am going to get a notice in the mail saying I am being sued, for a bill I had no say in, if she would of told me around 5,000 dollars I would of cut down on visits or try and get the money through loans, but I never had that option, just dosent seem fair.
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    No it does not seem fair or professional...ppl use many things to communicate their issues...sounds like she has other issues and it may be time to seek someone new...and do not fear a have not refused to pay;you did not know you had to...J