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Bad feelings & thoughts tonight

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Just here to vent-
Feeling anxious, depressed, hopeless, suicidal. Usually I cut. But it's one of those nights where I want to die, not cut. I don't want to feel pain, I just want it all to go away. /:

I know the feeling. I used to cut, hit, bang my head, crack ribs. Usually something happened, even a small thing, to get me to that point or beyond (like feeling suicidal). Did something happen to trigger these feelings? Can you think and talk through the thing that gave rise to this? Please don't hurt yourself.



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Big hugs :hug: to you. I can relate to how you feel about wanting to die. I feel like that sometimes when I'm feeling like I'm down in the dumps.

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Hi Namine sorry you are feeling so low hun dam eh Was t here something that triggered the pain tonight hun Just know we are here okay you are not alone with with fight anymore Hugs to you hold out here okay with people that do understand hun but just know that pain will lessen it does hun so please stay safe here or call criisis line and talk to someone okay because it does help hugs
Thanks for the replies, you guys. The feeling has passed, thankfully. I've been calming down the past 20 minutes or so and I'm starting to feel better and at ease. Thanks for the kind words.


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Not doing so good two day maybe 3 hours of sleep I've cryed I've made my self bleed what's next I can't cope right now
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