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Bad fight with daughter


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I went to urgent care because I thought I needed stitches for my lip in places but the wait was 2 hours. It was the result of a fight with my daughter. Her laptop slipped and hit me in the mouth. It got very nasty. I went to the bar after and had a few drinks. I just feel like shit.


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That's awful.

You're welcome to say more about what happened if you'd like to.
Its calmed down. But there was a lot of blood and it was just sad and over the top. She said to shut the fuck up to me, so that set me off. Usually, shes good, just a bad day. Thanks for caring @ @may71


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You're welcome! :)

That's after your lip got bashed? You'd think she'd be more contrite
No, I went after her and I was giving her her laptop, that's when I got hurt. We shouldn't have been physically fighting. I was annoyed about something else and telling her to clean up but didn't deserve to he talked to like that. I dont usually react like that. But, there's something about a child telling a parent to shut the f##$ up that just sers me off. Maybe she knew it. Its calmer now. She drove to her aunt's and said she was gonna sleep over. I said she didn't have to and apologized for calling her names.
There's some kind of balance point between discipline/authority and giving kids freedom. I"m not sure exactly where the balance point is, but the "shut the f##$ up" comment is over the line.

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