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    so my grandparents are now so old that my grandpa cant take care of grandma anymore. her memory and health are deteriorating so much that shes a danger to herself. theyre now living seperatly and mmy grandpas extremely depressed. my dad says he's giving up. its really strange since this is happening just as my parents split up. now my parents and my dads parents are living alone and really sad. its just another thing that makes my future seem awful and unlivable. being old scares me to death. and the worst prt of the whole thing is i havent seen them in like 9 or 10 years (im 16) so i dont even remember them. i asked my dad if i could go visit them but he siad to pick a good memory and hang on to it. but i dont have any memories. i have nothing to hang on to. they're about to die and i dont even have anyway to remember them. they are photos of them in an album and they look like strangers to me. being in my family's just really lonely. god im so terrified of being old.
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    When my grandmother got sick, I wanted to see her all the time. She has dementia and she is a threat to herself and sometimes others too. It's hard to see her that way but it just made me feel better to be there for her. Maybe you should talk to your dad again or your mom and tell them how you really feel about seeing your grandparents. Do they live far away from you? Do they live somewhere you can't go by bus or by train?