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Bad in love

So I'll Just say hello first.

My problem is a very hard one for me. I fell on love with a girl I think she is perfect I know her a year now I guess. But I rarely see her. Only on the birthday's of my friends she is usually there too. I don't know HOW i can get to her and get her attention. She doesn't know how I feel for her but I can't really stop my feelings now. Half a year ago I fell in love with her but I managed to forget here. The last time I have seen her is 2 weeks ago and it reignited my feelings to her and now it's impossible to get her out of my mind. It is very complicated. I said naughty things to her when I was drunk but it was only because I was heavy drunk and she was drunk too so it doesn't count. Usually when I see her when I'm sober at the start of the party I just say hi and she says it too but then we get drunk very quickly. Then my sexual instict get over me again and I walk after her the whole night. I was so drunk that night that I crashed into the bushes (lol) then someone said she should apologize to me because I poured a drink over her leg and she was mad at me. I can't remember how I did that, guess I was too drunk. Then a friend told her to kiss me (lol) then she gave me an apologize kiss after that I got driven home because I was just too drunk to even walk, didn't drink alcohol for a long time and overdestimated myself. So it is very complicated but I can't get her out of my mind and it's not about sex and instincts, it's about love. I wouldn't care if she was my girlfriend even without sex I just want her for me but I don't know how to contact her without making it too obvious. Very confusing I know. I have feelings about commiting suicide now because the situation is just too desperate for me..

english is not my native language so


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whats so bad about making it obvious?
I know it sounds stupid but: I would suggest the next time you see her you just ask, if you two could meet alone because you think she's very, very sympathetic and you'd like to get to know her. That's the best and the easiest way.
I know it takes a lot of courage. But think about it: You want her. You feel like you just NEED to have her. You can't loose. even if she says no-so what? at least you know, shes not interested (i wouldn't care and try it again xD)
good luck^^

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