Bad Karma, I guess....

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    This doesn't rise to the level of suicide trigger, but it's not making life any easier:
    Just when I have to watch every single penny I spend, and I'm pretty much hanging on by my fingernails mentally, emotionally and financially, this happens:
    I went out to start my car Monday morning (I have my Occupation liscense now), and the battery was dead. Puzzling, because I believe I bought it just a few years ago, and you can usually tell when a battery gets weak. Okay, maybe I left a door ajar and the dome light drained it. I put the battery charger on, and a friend gave me a ride to work. That night after I got home, the car started fine. The next morning, battery dead WTF? I called for a ride again, and put the battery charger on. I tried the car again in 10 minutes, and it started. I drove the car to Auto Select to have them look at it, and a friend met me there and gave me a ride to work (again). Auto Select did an electrical system check, and found the battery was bad, and one of cable connections was corroded. They fixed it for $180. Started the car this morning just fine. Left work today at 2:30 because I had an appointment at 3:00, and the battery was dead, dead, DEAD! Walked to my appointment, then got a jump start from Mom, which was unsuccsessful. I could barely get the jumper cable on one of her battery posts, though. So the car sits at work. Also, because I was in a hurry, upset, tired, I locked my keys in the car. Tomorrow I have to call for someone to unlock the car for me, and possibly a tow back to Auto Select. Oh yeah, I'm parked in an indoor parking garage, so good luck getting it out. I'm beyond giving a shit.
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    Dear PH...

    What a huge pain in the butt. I really hope tomorrow someone might be able to give you a jumpstart and you can just drive it to Auto Select. Perhaps someone else's battery could do it, since your mom's posts were a bit short. Any chance you gave an extra set of keys to someone or they are at home? Just thinking out loud.
    Most of all, I just hope that you can rest easy tonight and face it all tomorrow in a little better spirits. Dealing with that kind of stuff is just the icing on the cake some days and I know I just don't have the extra energy to deal with it all. Keep us posted and take good care of yourself...

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    I'll see what suprises today brings.......this type of thing, on it's own, is a huge annoyance, but on top of everything else, makes a person want to say "fuck it all".
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    I hope it is one of the rare days that brings a good surprise instead..