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    I'm so sick of my landlord, for 6 months he has given me nothing but grief. From the day I moved in he has done nothing but make unexpected visits complaining about things like his boomgate not being closed by my visitors to trying to talk me into doing his maintenance like replacing gutters. 5 weeks in hospital before I finally got out on overnight leave and that same night he bangs on my door yelling and screaming because I left the place empty. Now I'm moving and he's at my door everyday for one reason or another.

    I paid my rent on time always, kept the place clean and cared for, even painted the kitchen, my time in hospital I had my dad checking the place for me. Why can't he just leave me alone, I'm already in a panic and stressed over finding another place before my lease ends.

    Seriously I feel like beating him to death with a blunt instrument, my case manager is ringing me every 2 days now trying to keep me calm and stable enough to make this move and my doctor is suggesting I go into respite care till I can get out of here. Just once I'd like to be hassle free but I seem to attract people like this D***head, I don't bother anyone, I'm reclusive to the point of being a hermit, usually so calm and emotionless you'd swear I was an android thanks to my meds. But now.. I'm doing my best not to cry 24/7, my hands shake, I can't sleep, barely eat, wait in an uneasy paranoia for his knock on my door, then when he's here I'm trying not to hit him unconcious. :(
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    I would get out of there as soon as possible there are some real ----- out there. You should take your doctors advice maybe go back to hospital for awhile even. I would even phone the rental board on the creep and charge him with harassment Just get moved as soon as possible no one should have to put up with that. take care
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    Not sure if this would work, but is there anyone you can report him to? He sounds more horrible than any landlord I've ever dealt with (and I had one that would qualify as a close second). I hope you find a way to get out of there as soon as possible!!