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Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by Keno, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Keno

    Keno Member

    I remember all this dream vividly so i'll put down as much detail as I can.

    So i'm pretty sure this dream is taking place here in scotland, likely out in the country.

    So i'm driving along a country road, green fields, sheep etc. I'm driving, well actually i'm peddling in a giant tractor sized tricycle with tractor tyres, (also odly everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road for the UK), i'm worried about being pulled over the police because I don't have a drivers license but I continue on anyway.

    Even in the dream i'm not sure where i'm going, eventually I end up in a little village. I walk up to a large concrete wall between some buildings, it has a little entrance at the side so I head through onto a concrete train platform, completely enclosed wth a pale yellow building. The area is very plain, no benches, light, machines etc.

    So I walk across the platform and up some steps into the entrance of the pale yellow building, I come to a prison bar door with a guard at the other side, I ask him if I can come in to see someone, (I didn't even know who I was asking to see in the dream), the guard just laughs and walks away, rejected I decide to go home, when I turn around it's nighttime and there's a horific scene on the platform.

    There are people on the tracks and platform being "cremated" alive, somehow I know they are criminals and this is a execution. They are all completely black and are crumbling to ash, I know they are burning but there is no fire, some invisible force was doing it, they are crawling around, wandering, wriving in pain, there faces are twisted in agony, I just stand there frozen, other people just walk by them off the platform as if it's completey normal, I try to get off the platform avoiding them but I can't help but look, they crawl around trying to get away as there arms and legs crumble to ash, they stare at me as there faces crumble to black skulls then to nothing and they reach out trying to grab me.

    Then I wake up.

    I just can't stop thinking about it, can't get the image of them burning out of my head. Seems really odd too as none of it has any relevance to what's happening to me in life. Things have started getting better for me and i've got a interview for college.
  2. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    I have read a lot about dreams and from what I've learned, dreams fall into 3 major categories: (there are many studies; this is only based on what I've read so far).

    1) they are a replay, or mirror of something that you have been thinking about alot recently, sometimes even the same day

    2) they are a release of a repressed thought, something that you did not want to deal with,. usually subconciously

    3) a mix of several unrelated thoughts and story-lines. This is the brains method of clearing itself out of unused material. Our brain takes in so much information during the day for processing (sights and sounds, etc...) that it just needs to release it (which is why sleep is so important)

    ***most important, all the material I've read regarding analysis of dreams indicate the importance of trying to remember how you were feeling in the dream. What emotion was most prevalent? Was it fear, frustration, sadness, etc...?

    Most of the time, the dream is a response to a specific emotion, with the brain filling in details with all those unrelated scenes.
  3. Keno

    Keno Member

    Huh, well when you put it like that, the main emotions that stand out were fear, rejection and down right horror.
  4. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    Try and keep track of your emotions during futher dreams. If you feel fear and rejection alot in your dreams, chances are that these are major issues for you.

    Two examples: I have had hundreds of dreams in which I am unable to get away from someone whose chasing me, sometimes even trying to kill me. My main emotions were frustration and fear. When I talked this out in therapy I came to find out that I have always been frustrated by having made many wrong choices in life. And I notice that I'm frustrated on a conscious level by long lines, traffic, etc...These feelings come out in the dreams where I also feel frustrated.

    I am also quite conscious of rising crime in my neighborhood and in general across the U.S. Or at least the frequency of the reporting of violent crime. Hence the fear factor in my dreams.

    I know it sounds confusing, but it make perfect sense. My brain can't always come up with the exact picture of my frustration or fear in real life, so it makes up stories which cause the same feelings in the dream.

    Also, if you begin to write down a dream that was vivid right after wake up, you begin to remember more and more.

    Like I said in my first post, it's a very complex issue. But if you are interested in trying to figure out your dreams. Freuds "Interpretation of Dreams" explains it quite well (and no, it's not all sexually related).
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