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bad person

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What is the matter with me! How dare I think about this now, I mean WTF.
Oh well, why fight it? No not now but someday I will take my life. Guess that makes me a bad person huh?


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Well I sure hope that you don't take your life.. is there anything you'd like to talk about? What's going on with you at the moment and what are you thinking about?

I wouldn't say that thinking about ending your life, or doing it, makes you a bad person. I'd say it makes you a person in a lot of pain and in need of help and support. I just hope that you are able to reach out and get the support that you need..



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Hi and welcome...i can only ditto what jen has said...and by no means are you a bad person...please let us know how you are doing...big hugs, Jackie
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