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Bad Sister

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My fucking sister is fucking up again.

She's a recovering meth addict. She's 18. Last year she was dating a 40 year old fugitive meth dealer. Her friends die in car accidents. Her friends went to jail and prison. She stole cars. She fucked losers. She made herself a tiny insignificant shit stain. She pissed all over her potential.

She moved to California to live with a counselor who is helping her recover. She has been clean for months now.

But some fucking verbally abusive asshole, who's 30 by the way, has convinced her to move away from the counselor.


How DARE he do this to my sister. I would love to hurt him. I would love to humiliate him. I wish he would crash his car. I want him to leave my sister alone.

Why does this shit have to happen to people?! My sister is brilliant, and beautiful. She made herself into a worthless waste of humanity and just when she was turning around, she goes and fucks a worthless waste of humanity.


I am so angry.
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