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Bad thoughts driving me to suicide.

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Right so ive been having bad thoughts and im not going into detail on what they are and there driving me crazy and driving me to suicide even more.

I have been seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist. My therapist has been trying to help me keep my mind off my bad thoughts and get me to be more cheerful which is really hard.

My psychiatrist has talked to me about my bad thoughts and said last Friday that i am not crazy and i wont need treatment for the thoughts im having.

But these thoughts are making me even more suicidal cause the thoughts are driving me crazy i didnt tell my psychiatrist this yet but i see my therapist again in a week so ill talk to her.

If my thoughts are making me suicidal should i request that i do get treatment to help with the bad thoughts????

Please comment thanks.


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What you're describing is the definition of OCD. The person has a bad thought or thoughts and cannot get rid of it. The thoughts become obsessive and the person gives meaning to them, and, depending on the type of OCD, they either perform rituals to neutralize the thought (classic OCD), or do not perform rituals (Pure OCD, aka Pure-O).

I find it highly odd that you don't mention either of your doctors talking about this with you, but to be fair I don't have high esteem for the mental health field.

When you talk to a clinician next, ask them about this.

It is very rare, but not impossible, for people suffering with OCD to become so involved in the thoughts that they become suicidal. If you feel like you're a danger to yourself, it would be in your best interest to go to the emergency room.

I'm very sorry you're feeling so bad you want to kill yourself. Please keep us updated.
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This may not work for you. A friend of mine who has intrusive thoughts about doing bad things goes to a secluded place. He normally goes to a woods or some place open and quite. He finds nature helps stop them and makes him happy.

If you can do this try it if you think you will be safe.


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Thanks for the comments. I had a short chat with my therapist today.

She said i just need to keep my mind off the bad/suicide thoughts by keeping busy which is hard sometimes and ive not to feed my thoughts by watching horror/disturbing movies and listenng to negative music and thats hard to do when im a big fan of metal music.


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Not bad advice. If you can avoid triggering the thoughts, that could be very helpful in decreasing how often you get them.

Keep us up to date on how much it helps.
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