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  1. wild rabbit

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    feeling terified, just had a letter from my parents with a bailiff letter in it for an outstanding parking ticket- £409- so I paid it strait away buut i new it was coming, what i didnt know til the bailiff told me was he actually hand delivered the letter to my dad whoo has a heart conditin. Feel really scared my ostrich like behaviour could have killed my dad, am im 40 and should know better. feeling like running away from everyone and everything.

    not well physically which doesnt help need a fag but cant cos chest is so bad i feel so bad. need to phone them to apologise but what the hellcan i say that makes it better
  2. Terry

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    Tell them sorry, you had overlooked the ticket and hope it didn't scare them too much and that it won't happen again.
    Always horrible when parents get dragged into ones mess, no matter how old you get. :hug:
  3. wild rabbit

    wild rabbit Well-Known Member

    bit the bullet and phoned and apologised as you suggested, got a ticking off from both of them and a big slice of guilt, but its done now.

    really got to get a grip.

    hope to learn from this but doubt i will.

    they had sent me a cheque to cover the costs and i told them i was sending it back but they said no, now i feel an utter s**t because i dont want their money but if i dont take it will it make stuff worse dad said it was up to me what to do with it mum said they didnt want it back, so dont know what to do. i will keep hold of it til i see them next and see how the water lies i suppose.

    i have to mess up everything. I went away yesterday for a night at a hotel to get on top of my stress levels but that was a waste of time and mney wasnt it.
  4. Terry

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    Parents obviously love you loads and worry, that never stops it seems, my son is 28 and I worry more now than when he was small.
    I suggest letting the whole thing slide now, they've nagged, you've apologised, just draw a veil over the whole thing and move on.
    Don't be so hard on yourself either, you are talking to the head in the sand ostrich of all time! :laugh:
    Hid bills in back of draws, ignored final demands, you name it, I've done it.
    Stupid really cos it just makes for a ton of stress and you still have to sort it at some point.
  5. tweetypie

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    Im glad this was sorted out but really dont beat yourself up about it you are certainly not the first person who ever ignored a bill its hard when your depressed etc to keep on top of things and face things im sorry your under so much stress atm much love sarah xxxxxx
  6. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Wish I had a penny for each thing I have avoided...would never have to work again...we all do this so please forgive yourself, as I hope your parents will...J