Balance of the Universe Theory

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  1. Rolo555

    Rolo555 Well-Known Member

    Balance of the Universe Theory is something which I thought of in which say one half may be great in, while the other half is poor in.

    For example:

    Your life you grew up with both parents living together in your life and you did very good in school. However in order to balance that "luck" something needs to suffer. Therefore you have the lack of friends and social life.

    Another example:

    Someone may have friends and a social life. However in order to balance that "luck" they have problems such as raising a kid by themselves without child support. Or family always fights.

    This is called balancing the universe around you.

    Now it may be not everyone is affected by the Balance of the Universe. However I bet you can make some examples for yourself how you may be good even at one thing. But everything else suffers.
  2. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    Yes, most likely, this is how it is, although all your examples are not what I would put forth. I myself would stress the importance of pointing out that misfortunes, otherwise, are irrelevant to this theory, thus it doesn't fail when that is applied, such as in a case where misfortune would be completely disproportional. However, when it comes to the presence of misfortune and evil, that is because fortune and good could not exist without it, although that is, as said, separate to this and a different theory.
  3. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    dont work, majority of the human species is suffering, were i lack the fact others gain is purely down to their personality traits which are both genetic and reactionary. i am highly experienced in a couple of topics but that doesnt mean i lack in others, just that i havent studied others. also if it doesnt affect everyone then why is it called the 'universal theory'?
    were does free will come into it, parents wanting to stay together or be apart, wanting to learn about a new subject, trying hard at school or not bothering with it.
  4. Anime-Zodiac

    Anime-Zodiac Well-Known Member

    The universe is balanced in other terms, for example strengths and weaknesses. A persons life does not balance out cuz of this law. Also onces perception of a balance in life is subjective.
  5. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    Oh yes, and I wouldn't call it the balance of universe theory but rather the balance of souls or balance of energies theory.

    And as for the question by bhawk where free will comes into it... simplified, while your life is dictated by fate, you still have your free will; it's just that it's predetermined by you yourself; your soul; before you came to this life. As such, it still is your free will despite that it already is set in fate; all events that take place are ones you yourself already chose.
  6. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    so paedophiles decided to do what they do beforehand, millions of people interlinked throughout life have ALL conversed and planned their interactions beforehand, people decide to be subjected to abuse, everything being predetermined makes no sense, life is far too complex.
    when are these decisions made?
    how is every individual involved?
    if everything is predetermined does that mean we should all stop trying cos things will happen anyway?
    i cant see it as being possible.
  7. Clockwork Reality

    Clockwork Reality Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I just can't believe this theory, because it relies upon traditional human perceptions of morality. What about people such as Ted Bundy or Jeffery Dahmer, in which their is a definitive absence of good? Some of Dahmer's victims were young drug addicts who came from broken homes . . . there really wasn't a whole lot of "good" to balance out their shitty luck, and then they got murdered, to boot.

    Inanimate objects strive for balance. The universe, as we know it, is expanding at a universal rate from a central point. Evolution has granted living beings, more often than not, symmetrical bodies. Objects throughout space are most often rounded. Living beings, however, have no idea about balance. Turn a tiger loose on a playground and the tiger could care less about balance, he sees a bunch of little lunches in sneakers.

    My personal idea? Karma is going to make you its bitch.
  8. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    it isn't
  9. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    Don't believe it. My mom's been abused since the day she was born.
  10. Just_a_guy

    Just_a_guy Well-Known Member

    I dont think the theory has a very strong basis. How can you measure something like happiness or being good at something and how can stuff be balanced according to that. As someone pointed out most people in the world are suffering and some people live their lives happily without nothing bad happening to them. Of course most can find something good and equally bad its a bit weird that there would be somekind of a universal force that affects only some people. Balance is also pretty difficult to define if you start thinking about it :D

    Oh, and i would like to point out that there is no real center of the universe where the universe started to expand from, it started everywhere :D
  11. Abacus21

    Abacus21 Staff Alumni

    Is this theory simply just playing into what we consider anyway - I think everyone gets a sense that something - whatever ''something'' is - keeping their life in check at times. I guess ''fate'' would be a good definition for ''something''. I hadn't heard of this theory before now, and to be honest, aren't swayed by it at all.
    Everyone has good days and bad days, on a subjective level - I think that simply this theory is playing into that.

    As JAG quite brilliantly put - one thing that this theory focuses on: balance. Just what, is balance? A dictionary may define it as ''equilibrium between two opposing forces'' or somesuch, but is that not 1) ridiculously hard to achieve, and 2) subjective, as balance, it could be argued, is a personal thing anyway, despite what the dictionary may say....
  12. Rolo555

    Rolo555 Well-Known Member

    Yes I guess you can say everyone has their good days and bad days.
  13. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    don't believe what? and what's yer Mum got to do with anything?
  14. JohnADreams

    JohnADreams Well-Known Member

    I doubt this happens over a single lifespan. I've always liked the idea that souls choose what lives they want to live and that they might pick a life of suffering to be able to appreciate the good lives they have led or will lead.
  15. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    really? you? well, it's an interesting bit of speculation or "what if"??-ism...
    a little too cosmic to really be labeled as a theory aint it?
  16. JohnADreams

    JohnADreams Well-Known Member

    Yup, it is. Just like the idea of it. Sounds better than being stuck for eternity in one of the afterlife realms.
  17. HappyAZaClaM

    HappyAZaClaM Guest

    ah, well...I don't believe in any of that cods wallop either, so no stress there.
    the whole idea that we pick our lives out while floating around the cosmos and so on just doesn't fly.

    on the other hand, what does? I am open minded about it. just, personally
    I prefer to think it's all a crock :biggrin:

    all, as in ALL. exsistence included, such as it is. no bloody point that I can see. make the most of it I suppose.
  18. bhawk

    bhawk Well-Known Member

    my view is we are merely an accidentally here, there is no 'hereafter' just simply nothing, the reason i think people do not like to think of this is firstly the point that humans cannot comprehend the idea of absolute nothingness, so we cannot imagine what it will be like, even then we needn't bother as we wont experience it. also my grandfather passed away 2 days ago and however much i would like to think he is looking over me i seriously doubt he is, so another reason for belief could be to comfort ourselves and attempt to deny our mortality. it may well be something built into us as a way of coping as we are able to understand our existence and are conscious of life and death it may well be overwhelming if humans were dictated by only raw truths. i think everything that we see is pretty much as we see it, there is no metaphysical beings guiding us, no foul tempered gods, no such thing as fate, as was said by socrates 'character determines destiny'
    we make our own future, their are actions, reactions, consequences etc, if i step in front of a bus....ill get hit by it!
    no balance, majority of humans are suffering daily, genecide, racism, rape, murder, starvation, war, you name it its happening, there is no 'balance'
  19. Hae-Gi

    Hae-Gi Banned Member

    If you knew the things I know about ghosts and such, you would never be saying that.

    No point going into detail about it, though; you will just disregard it, anyway.

    EDIT: How about saying one thing, though: My bank, where I live, is haunted since many years back and everyone working there knows it. I know this because my parents are friends with the bank manager, although one worker once told me it was haunted after the door to the to the toilet had opened, again, after I definitely just had closed it after being there. Another thing: A psychic was here, some time ago, and knew things he impossibly could know about an aquaintance to my parents after talking to the spirit of his grandmother. Just all bullshit, I assume?
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  20. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    Yup agree on all points, and would like to emphasis where you say that it is a built in mechanism.A built-in desire to deny the most plausible answer. Archeology has uncovered evidence of religious practices going waaay back into prehistoric days, almost to the dawn of hominids. Religious experiences have been connected to changes of brain function.

    Which points to a clear answer. All of these mythologies we are drawn to are just another element of our neurobiology. A byproduct of a flawed instrument, our brains, which only have come about to give us each a better chance of survival and DNA reproduction. But it's dangerous, in evolutionary terms, to think about those things, to become too introspective, which is why people that think such thoughts are unattractive (i.e. undesirable to mate with, i.e. will not produce offspring with high reproduction rate due to undesirable genes) and their gene material quickly passes out of the gene pool so that more attractive, more religous, less intelligent people can continue their own proliferation. Jokes on them though since it is all irrelevant in the long run.
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