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    ok I grew up with two brothers that were still home and they had mental problems I dont want to go into.. sucidal and skophrania, addict was not a great childhood at all.... but moving on then I was molested growning up then as a teenager I was raped over and over again by my boyfriend then had a very abuse now exhusband .. then sister was murdered; then boyfriend was an addict and he had many problems behind him to then he committed sucide I was there for that one. Now tell me is this life is this normal .. aLmost forget i have a eatting disorder ... I could be a therpist dream she could right a whole book on me.. so what is normal .. what is my braking point .. I think I have been broken a long time ago.. I just want to tell the world to just fuck off some times.
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    you have full right to tell the world to fuck off you've gone through hell :hug: i know the feelings well, 'what is my breaking point' is such a good question.
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    thanks I WAS never allow to express my thoughts or feelings no one asked or cared to..
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    I care too, please pm me if you are not comfortable with the public threads
    welcome to sf btw
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    idk if you are online, but you can always message me.

    i love how i will help everyone, but i want to kill myself right now and no one seems to care. fuck my life.
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    We care here hun,

    I'm sorry you've had such a horrific life :( Have you tried therapy? Are you on any medication? Keep talking if it helps x