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your dead. ha. i wish. soon, very soon. bye bye me. goner. dead asa door nail. finito. ah, i can't wait. sweet release, misery goodbye. don't cry for me, it's so much better this way, i know, trust me, i am not craxy, i just know. it had to be this way, there was no other road to take, sweet obliteration. finally.
They don't let me post much of anything here cause it appears I do not use the language or follow the guidelines. My only other reply to someone was banned. Just.... If you're still here, let's talk
Don't understand this forum yet. It seems most of the posts r days old. And where r those who reply to all the other posts? Not one person, other than me has reached out to this poster. It would seem when someone posts something like she has, that others would sends responses/messages quickly. Where r these members right now? I'll b here momentarily just in case


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Swimmergirl: :hug: :hug: Hope you're okay.

P.S. Thanks for being there for her, tool. We try to answer all the posts we can. :hugtackles: You're doing a great job.


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swimmergirl - you do know we all here care about you deeply!!!
i know things may be hard right now - i have my ups and downs each day different to the other. but please share with us the specifics of whats hurting you. you can PM me anytime and i will have all the time in the world to help you through this dark patch.


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no one believes I am going to do it, but I am, i have already told you all the reasons why, no more time for explanations, only action. it's over, thi sforum has gotten me this far, but I can't go on any more. It's all dark now.
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