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    I come back to the apartment. I swear, I live with children. So, we have this other roommate guy, and I waltz in with my stuff, and my psycho-roomie immediately has to inform me to hide my smokes because he (the other guy) took them and smoked them all while I was gone. Truth - a carton and a half of cigarettes are missing. Also fact: both of them smoke.

    Fine, I'd bought more while I was at my brother's house. I hid them. No problem.

    So, one of the big things that really fucking annoys me is that my psycho-roomie always, but always, follows me outside (and everywhere else), and doesn't leave me alone, right? So I go outside to have a smoke, and now I have two of them following me around like lost puppies trying to get my cigarette from me!

    Two more weeks of this and I really will be ready for the psych ward again. I am totally looking up alternatives immediately to GTFO.

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    Time to smoke out the back bedroom window. >.>
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    ... back bedroom window, covered.

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    In the scheme of things, my stress level is back to an 8, in comparison to the 10 it was. Still too much, but better. Still dissociating, somewhat, due to anxiety. Still pissed as hell. Waiting, waiting, waiting... one more week. Need to get new roomie in, to help current roomie. Discovered she's done jack shit with all the people who had answered the ads. Must I do everything? Clearly, I must. Selfish, purposefully incompetent bitch. :hit:
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    Fuck, its so hard to relax when you can't relax, and it makes you feel sick. :puke:
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    The best laid plans of mice and men...

    I was supposed to go into the transitional house on the first. This is no longer occurring. Now I have no fucking clue what I'm going to do to get out of here. I just want to give up. I don't have the energy, or the emotional or psychological ability to deal with any more. I can't even think of viable options. WTF? I'm just exhausted. Roommate went to the hospital and came back with more problems. Not that they aren't valid, I just don't have the ability to handle them any more, especially when I try to give her ideas about solutions and she just fucks them all off. Whatever. I'm tired.
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    This is my life: The woman I was setting up to move in here, to take my place, has gone into a six month rehabilitation.

    I am stuck here another month.

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    fuk no! that sucks , sorry to here that. shit cant you move in with anyone else ? shit talk to someone to let you move out into another place.
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    I am. I'm working on it! >.<

    Doing the happy dance today because I rented out the one room. Took me all of 1 night and 1 phone call - after having other roomie on it for a month-ish, and she got nowhere. Now I only have one more renter to find, and I can escape! Just have to find out where I'll be escaping to! >.<

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    Jesus H Fucking Christ - they're all over me again, like flies on shit. Can't leave me alone, even come into the room when I have the door closed - HOPING and PRAYING I'll come out with a cigarette, or give them all the fucking attention. Can't leave me alone! I can't concentrate. Looking over my shoulder at the computer. I go out for a smoke and they follow me like ravenous vultures! I am so sick of this shit! They're like sick, starving dogs and I'm the only person who has food (in this case, money). I am sick of it! I am so out of here! "Pay attention to ME! Pay attention to ME!"

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    It's a sad state of affairs when I have to run out of the house and around the corner to hide to have a cigarette before the vultures come after me, begging for one.
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    I want to scream.

    My anxiety is back up to a 10 again.
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    More just GRAHHHHHH!!! I'm actually feeling sick due to this stress and frustration. Ugh.
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    Fucking vultures.

    I don't care if she's apologized, because she's not changing anything. And its too late. I'm already blown out.

    Also, what part of "the bedroom door is closed" translates to "just walk on in the bedroom and start yapping at me, or yell at me from the other room to see stupid shit on the television, just because you can't live without me being with you 24/7."
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    New roomie moved in. He's okay. But they all talk too much, and the chick and other dude still just walk on into the room and stalk me. But now they're all stalking me for smokes. *le sigh* I am so out of here on the first, after I pay off the rent. Seriously.
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    I threw a partial pack of smokes onto the kitchen table for the vultures, so they'd quit coming in, pretending they're my friends, then hitting me up for smokes.

    Didn't work.

    Now they're coming in while I'm in bed, trying to get to sleep, and bugging me with shit.

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    Dread level rising. 2 more days. Trying to figure out how to get out of here with my dog and stuff, with the least amount of drama. Someone is always in the house. Could be many someones in the house when I go. Or perhaps not. If I go on the first, at least two people will probably be out of the house (the guys) and all I have to do is deal with the psycho-roomie. Can go straight from here to pay rent. I want that covered. Must find a way to call up the shelter without stalkers around listening to my calls. It sounds so paranoid, but it isn't. At least, it is, but its for a valid reason! You really don't know. They really do follow me everywhere, except the bathroom. Even when I go to take the dog to the bathroom, at least one person is following me. I can't even go into bed at night without someone coming into the room - let alone when I'm just sitting here, during the day, with the door closed, and have told people I want left alone. It doesn't compute for them. They all think they're special snowflakes. So getting out of here will be difficult at best, no matter what. I have thought about just taking my computer, paperwork and the dog, and saying fuck the rest. Its only material stuff, anyhow. Its all replaceable. All of it. As if I have that much to begin with, anyhow.
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    They don't want to lose their meal ticket.

    I am never helping anyone again.