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  1. BrinkOfExistence

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    So this morning i looked at my clock and realised i was an hour late for work this was the third time in 2 weeks, my thoughts were 'fuck it' and i went back to sleep, i've never done this before, i just felt whats the point. I woke up a couple of hours later and had a miss call from my boss, i rang her back and she started asking me questions as to why in recent times i've been acting differently, i eventually told her about my suicide attempt back in 2010 and my constant suicidal thoughts, she then told me that i wouldn't be allowed back to work unless i saw my doctor about it.
    I couldn't believe it she is effectively blackmailing me, perhaps it's for the best but i'm worried now because i work for an agency and they don't pay for sick days, which means next week i won't be able to pay my rent, i already owe thousands in rent which means i'll end up getting evicted thus being made homeless and making my suicidal tendancies much worse.
    You know in films when you can see that something bad is about to happen and what it is but as a viewer you're unable to prevent it, thats how my life feels at the moment, my life representing the film and me the viewer or the other way round which ever one makes sense.

    Once again me being honest has made things worse.

    I can understand not allowing me back in work if i worked with other people or even machinery but i don't i move box literally from one place to another.
    I have a strong feeling that my boss wants to get rid of me but scared that if she does i might end up killing myself (which i wouldn't, not over that place) i just wish she would put me out of my anxiety and sack me already.
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    Hey Lee,why don't you ring the CAB and see if she's within her rights to stop you going to work? I know what you mean about that impending sense of doom,I've kinda let my life slide to the point where il have no options left too.Failing that I guess you could just try and get a cancelation at your G.P's tomorrow,explain you need to work and get a letter from him to say your ok to work!
    Good luck mate
  3. Animosity

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    Maybe in the mean time start looking for a new job until you can see your doctor. Or call your boss and explain to her that your not going to do anything at work, you need the job so that you can pay your rent next week or you are more than likely going to get evicted. You gave her the benefit of the doubt once, why not try again? and good luck, hun.
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    Oh dude :(.. You've informed your employer you have a existing mental issue that is affecting your personal well being. They're doing the right thing. Half of it is to protect their asses, but the other half is to help you. The problem is you involved them directly in it, now they'll want verification that you are alright from a doctor, which makes sense. From their perspective, you mingle with people on shift, on break ect. Let alone have access to their facilities and tools. Even on that, if something happened to you and one of the major causes was you working in the environment you're working in, and they didn't do anything, they'd be resonsible to a degree. Professionally and personally.

    I'm really... Really ...really sorry this has happened. I hoenstly relate to this sort of feeling of getting up and going to work. It's saddening that pure honesty get's trampeled and chained by procedures. Just get a doctors visit over with. Down play it or if you really need to, have a word with the doctor.

    Just a word of advice, never tell anyone at work about your personal issues like this. Unless you trust them considerably. Especially a superior, they have a responsibility to the people in their shifts. Unfortunatly :(
  5. total eclipse

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    Just get in and see your doctor and get doctor to right or phone your work stating you are stable enough to return okay do it sooner t hen later so you can get paid
  6. BrinkOfExistence

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    I've just been sacked, *sigh* what the fuck do i do now?
  7. In a Lonely Place

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    Ring citizens advice and see if that's even legal to sack a person for revealing they have depression! I'm sorry to hear that Lee,I know how much you need that job. I really don't know what to say,sorry
  8. BrinkOfExistence

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    Thanks mark, i'll give them a ring tomorrow really not in the mood at the moment to be discussing legal stuff, it annoys me that my boss told me yesterday not to worry about my job, now i know why, because i haven't got one.
  9. Terry

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    Do bother with the CAB if only to make sure you get advice on what benefit to claim whilst out of work and then get signed on pronto.
    Tell your landlord whats happened and that you are signing on so they are in the loop rather than just not getting their rent and thinking you can't be asked to pay it.
  10. justMe7

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    Whoa what? Yeah go with what Mark's suggesting. And I suppose what terry's said. Just mention something along the lines that you've been sacked illegally and going on benifits, but not about your depression.

    Idk, Im not sure if you have to tell them about your depression if you're going through it. Like since you told them you had an issue in 2010, if you were working then under those conditions, they might be using that as a cop out to fireing you. :(
    Im really sorry this is being laid on you. If you call citizens advice, make sure you tell them exactly what you told your employer.
    Did they give you a reason? Though then again, if it's through an agency, they're full of "reasons".

    I'm sure you know these sites, but incase you don't. Best wishes mate. Keep us posted.