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Bare Essentials...

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The following is all you need to know about me at the present...

I'm 14, Female with blonde hair. I have blue/Grey eyes.
I'm Bisexual, suicidal and depressed.

I write poems that reflect how i feel and similar. I am told i can sing, dance and act well...

That's all you need to know... For now...
:welcome: to SF, I hope you find everything you are looking for out of Suicide Forum. I hope that SF's support helps you along the way like it does/has me and a lot of the members here.

If you need a friend, I am here if you want me. :hug:

Glad you found us! :wink:



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Welcome to the forum, B.T.:smile: I hope we can help you when you feel desperate and lonely and frustrated. We will listen to you without judgement and offer our empathy and good wishes. I hope that you find the help and comfort here that I found when I so desperately needed it.:smile: :smile:


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