'Based On A True Story'

Discussion in 'After Effects' started by CloudKill, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. CloudKill

    CloudKill New Member

    Well where to begin.....
    I attempted suicide like probably 6 or 7 times.. And yeah you guessed it!
    I survived everyone, not because of me though.. Mostly they just didn't work, and once my grams found out about it and called for help.. Ya know, that one time I am sure it would've worked if it wasn't for her.. Anyways on with the post..

    Electrocution: Tried it once, <mod edit: bunny - methods> Anywho I survive the after results.. Zip! Nadda! Sadly I'm still a life.. :dry:

    Overdose On <mod edit: bunny - methods>:
    Like I mentioned a lil bit earlier, this was one suicide attempt that would've worked. Had it not been for my grams calling for help.. But yeah, I took like 10 of them, layed down on the couch, within 5 minutes I started getting dizzy and blurred vison.. Then my heart started beating irregularly..Then my grams came in at the wrong time, seen me lieing on the couch, knew somethin was wrong, and called for help.. I was unconscious when the ambulance came and all that crap..Woke up in the hospital and SO ALIVE! But the Doc did leave me with some words.. "If it hadn't of been for your grandmother you would be dead right now." *Sigh..*

    On A Short Note:
    I don't believe in god but I do believe in a higher power..
    Ever wonder if maybe they step in and prevent your death or some shit like that? Somethin had got to be doin something, how else are we surviving? But then again I guess it could be that we just suck at it.. LMAO! Ah I dunno, maybe I'll get it right one of these days.. So i guss til then I will have to keep tryin.. :unsure:

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  2. meh__

    meh__ Well-Known Member

    yeah when i took a fackload of pills, i survived through some divine intervention, cuz i dont believe in god but i do believe in a higher power..
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