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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by the_dream, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. the_dream

    the_dream Guest

    today it finaly happened i lost everyone, i have always had at least one person in my life who has been on my side in a way even if they didnt know how gratefull i was, but i really have lost everyone now, my few teachers that i thought were cool, my family, my dumb counselor, that idiot probably fucked my life the moast going around invading the shit out of my privacy telling everyone im delusional and shit like that, im reall reall reall done with all the shit i dont feel shooting my head off and i dont feel like sleeping all day im just so freakin tired of the human race and the shit we do, no need to read this and try to think of something clever because aperantly im delusional and dont know what the hell im doing anymore (where the fuck do they come up with this shit) and dont worry because if i decide to die then i decide to die its not fucking selfish because its all the selfish bastards who have created my views on myself and this world but hey maybe im just being delusional again and i dont know what im talking about (seriously am i really that out of fucking bounds) well bla bla bla i dont know what im doind saying all this in the first place i hope all you people have a great life i really do i know i sometimes feel like killing everyone but whatever who the hell am i to judge wether the course of humanity is for the good or bad and good news i might just get to be medicated again, yyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy back to the happy days of having your head so fucked you can only be happy because its all you know, ok ok now im just wasting space, i wonder if anyone has to pay for these words probably me for the electricity of typing it all out ok im done you can go back to doing whatever you were doing just try to think if what you were doing was really precious to you in the first place then think of ways to change it before you get sucked in (thats my advice coming from a delusional 17 year old male, yes you should just throw it out the window as garbage)
  2. the_dream

    the_dream Guest

    by the way i suck at writing and spelling incase you didnt notcie (your turn to say: oh god what a dumb fuck, look what the younger generations have to offer)
  3. the_dream

    the_dream Guest

    ah i dont know why i wrote this just go ahead and delete it im going nowhere with this crap
  4. the_dream

    the_dream Guest

    i have destroyed myself
  5. TLA

    TLA Antiquitie's Friend

    I am sorry you feel/think so horrible now. It really is ok. I was recently called delusional bya pdoc in the hospital and I know he was so off base. I paid him no mind.
    Hope you can share to feel better!!

  6. the_dream

    the_dream Guest

    hey thanks TLA i dont think i have ever seen you in the chat but you always say something other then the same old "i know how you feel but i know it better then you do" (??? what the hell) so thanks man/or lady
  7. the_dream

    the_dream Guest

    fuck my mom just cant let me be im so done with my fucking life

    i must be crazy because i cant fuckin take this shit anymore i really fucking cant im so tired of myself and everyone else im just so fucking tired of every day i want so bad to give up my life and just die
  8. the_dream

    the_dream Guest

    FRIGGIN A why cant i just do what i do
  9. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni

    Hey hun... I havent spoken to you in absolutely ages... but I hope you're doing better now, a few hours later. :hug:

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