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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by SarahForgot, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. SarahForgot

    SarahForgot Member

    Last January, a friend of mine I know long really see (due to the fact I never leave the house) let me experiment with bath salts with her. For those who don't know what bath salts are, it's a legal substance that's supposed to be similar to cocaine. You snort it. The doctors define it as "meth on crack" because it's the effects of crack but you get insane as if you have been taking meth for a long period of time. Nobody really knows what's in it or how addictive it is. I have always been kinda drawn to drugs. I still kinda am. I just feel like I'm going to kill myself some day so why not try to find a quick fix? I know that's illogical thinking and I don't encourage drug use upon ANYBODY.

    Anyway, so I used bath salts for the first time and LOVED it. I have social anxiety and after snorting just one line, I was able to socialize in a way I have never been able to before. I loved it but didn't pursue it further for about a month later, and then it was all down hill. I cannot explain what happened in those 5ish months. It was just such a..blur, however cliche that might sound, whatever. I bought my first pack. It was 2 grams for 20 dollars. I used it in a week. I was very good at moderating how much I used and when. Then, a week later, I bought another pack and eventually I was like using one each day, and it got really expensive. Luckily, now that I don't have a job, I don't have the money to buy any. My whole personality and everything changed while on that crap. Everyone who knows now that I was on it tells me the crazy crap I did. It all came to a close when I started getting sick from it. I went to a hotel with that same friend I did it with for the first time and I just got really sick. I drove home and puked the whole way and freaked out. I'm going to make a long story short and just say that that was pretty much "rock bottom."

    It repulses me to think about those few months, so badly. Just typing this, I feel a huge amount of embarrassment. I lost a job because of it. Sometimes though, I really miss it and quite a few times I nearly bought it again. It is SO hard sometimes and everyone just calls me stupid for wanting to do it again after seeing how much it screws me up

    Has anyone ever done it?
  2. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    I havent. I heard about it, and while curious, I knew I couldnt try it, because of my addictive personality. Turns out they were made illegal in my state.

    I think that since we dont know what is in them, they probably aint healthy. I'd stay away from them, if I were you.
  3. justMe7

    justMe7 Well-Known Member

    I'm terribly sorry to hear about what you've gone through as a result of taking this drug. I'll say now, I've not taken this and actually I've never heard about it till now.

    I would say that "embarrassment" is actually a good thing. Not to beat yourself up with(please try not to) but to help you remember, who you are and who you want to be. Drugs seriously mess about with the way you percieve things, so it's understandable that you've done "odd" things. I know there is a great deal of feelings and percieved state of satisfaction in them, especially if they eleviate anxieties. But as you know, that's defiantly not the route. I do understand that pull though for drugs, especially when things aren't going your way. The best thing I can suggest is to talk to your doctor about your useage of this drug, perhaps they have resources to help you overcome wanting this drug. The true best thing in beating any form of addiction is re-affirming it constantly the things you want in your life, and going for them. I know it's sometimes impossible, that's when it's good to have a support group of people that you can turn to, to help you remember what you want and how to beat any cravings or desires in those moments. I guess that's what you're trying to do here. I think though a doctor might be able to point you to specific support groups if you want them, or even online resources that you can use.

    In anycase, good on you for not buying it again :) That's something I would suggest you hold close to you, that you have resisted it. You might cahllenge that position alot, but remember you have resisted and you will overcome it completey in time. Just takes a bit of work. You're defiantly not stupid for wanting it again. It's very easy for someone to say that from an outside point of view. They mean well, they just perhaps lack an understanding and ability to communicate what they see.

    Inanycase, information is always, always the key before taking anything foreign if you experiment with drugs. Atleast, that's my opinon.
    Don't listen to that crap when people say they don't really know what's in it. If it's on the streets and has a common name, people know what's in it. Though I guess this drug is relatively new, the info will be limited on a timeline scale. In this case, it's MDPV apparently.

    some links on it
  4. vir

    vir Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I got mixed up with that stuff for a couple months while I was on court-mandated rehab. Doesn't show up in a drug test. It sounds like you're talking about MDPV, as that stuff is super-addictive, and now illegal in the US. That's a good thing though. Fortunately for me, I'd get so paranoid when I was using it that even though I'd want to use more, I'd think people were watching me (even if I was in my room with the blinds closed) and so I wouldn't. Man, that stuff was bad, but I couldn't stop using it. I ordered it online, so I finally quit by just not ordering more, since even if I did order it, I wouldn't get it for a few days. It's easier to quit if it's not readily available.

    Of course, since my normal state of being is curled up in bed fantasizing about my own death, that's no good either.
  5. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    I've heard of bath salts before, and they don't sound too good. Someone in my neighborhood took them and she ended up shooting her boyfriend.
  6. silent_enigma

    silent_enigma Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I haven't heard anything good about them. And that synthetic marijuana crap. Real weed is fine but that K2, Spice, etc. stuff is not healthy at all.
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