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Be positive about yourself, name one thing

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No matter how down we can get at times we are all worth value and have positive things that we hide. I dare all of you to take just one moment and honestly search inside yourself without judgement and put down just one thing positive about yourself. Guess what, could be the beginning of a whole list of positive things!!!!

I have a great sense of humor.
Well i came on here to tell my own story of depression ,

but ever since have been posting replys and private messaging and emailing ppl with words and messages of support and things from my own experiences to try and help them

its not about me anymore ijust want to make a small difference to others


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No matter how badly I want to "Join em" when I can't "Beat em" I almost always hold up my morals first, and decide to do the right thing rather then the fun thing.


The biggest loser ever to live.
I always do put myself down and I really feel that I am so inferior to everyone else. :sad:

But here's some positive things about me.

I am a good listener.
I've brought so much laughter to my brother.


Antiquitie's Friend
I have a hippo named Orson.

(Okay, I don't. I just wanted to see your expression.)

Actually, I'm a good writer, am very funny and try to be as understanding of other people as I possibly can.
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