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Be proud of who you are 🎀


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As Eminem would say....''be proud of yourself, even if it sounds corny, don't let no one tell you, you ain't beautiful''.

My proudest moment was successfully challenging my 2009 new years resolution and seeking intensive psychotherapy. I was having an issue at the time where I felt all hope was lost, I would never be happy again and death was the only way out. I learned skills and fully opened up to her, she was amazing and she turned my life around from wanting to be 6 foot under to being a ''semi-normal (tbh what's normal anyway🙄 ) happy, cheery person again. I'm forever grateful I made that resolution. It changed my life. It was only the beginning but that certain issue was killing me.

What are you most proud of for doing in your life? I'd love to hear your answers.

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Hi @Champagne Thank you for tagging me. If I am being honest with myself I am proud of the difference that I have made in the lives of some young people. Especially my own three children, who are the most amazing people you could wish to meet and have overcome so much to get to where they are now. I have sacrificed everything for them but it was worth it. My pain now is worth them being where they are now. If they are happy then it was all worth it and I would do it all again, sacrifice myself again for them. But there have been others through my teaching career where I have made a connection and I know that I made a difference. I have students from years ago who still come back and message me sometimes just to let me know how they are getting on. They are where they are today because of me. And they are happy. In my head, that is what matters.


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I don't really have anything. I'm not proud of anything, you know? I haven't done anything in life. Maybe that I had my kid at 16 and finished high school and graduated and all that shit, I guess. IDK.
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What are you most proud of for doing in your life? I'd love to hear your answers.
certainly i must consider that in all my chaos of living, i managed to find a spouse and kids, a career, a home. these i could say are what i’m proud of, but these - not taken for granted certainly, but i perceived to be necessities by default and simply had to be. not that it wasn’t me, but that there was a driving force that became other than me. then, when i think of what all else could be, it could very easily have been nothing at all, except i managed to take the art that i was led to and make it art, mine! and as my art, i arrived at writing. so what i’m most proud of, is my writing. my creative writing, and my writing about writing, and some other writing too. but that (ironically) is only half the story. It is so hard to identify “proud” when i feel fear and shame. fear and shame are the overriding feelings. am i not proud? i am. but i am still frozen in place.
I'd like to hear more if you're willing to say, mister Gonzo.
I guess. I mean, I'm the kind of person who stops and helps when I see someone in trouble. And, when my friends feel unsafe, I'm often the one they call on for help.

Ok, examples, I guess.

In our early twenties, Jessica and I were at the local community college picking up a course catalog. We saw a guy go skateboarding past us, then stop and go into an admin building. She had known him
since high school, and mentioned what a dick he'd always been.

We looked through the glass doors of tthe building he went into, and saw him grabbing a girl by the arm while she tried to pull away. I went running in, got between them, and gave her a chance to get out of there. She ran off, I blocked him from following as long as I could until he hit me with his skateboard and got past me.

That winded me, so I wasn't able to catch up in time to stop him from threatening her into his truck and taking off.

The girl's friend was there. We called the cops. She and Jessica both knew the guy's first name, but not last. The friend had been to his house and was able to describe the neighborhood to the detective that showed up, but didn't know the street names.

Fortunately, I had been delivering pizzas in that area for years, and knew exactly where she was describing. So we all piled into the detective's car, I directed him to the neighborhood, the friend pointed out the house, and then he called for some uniformed officers.

They got the guy to step outside, and me, Jessica, and the friend all confirmed it was him, so the uniforms went in to get the girl and, as a bonus, discovered he was running a meth lab in his kitchen. The girl went home safe, and he went away for a few years for kidnapping, assault and, of course, the meth lab.

Another time: a friend broke up with her physically abusive boyfriend. He slept on their couch until he was able to find a new place out of town. She had me crash in her room every night until he was gone, then on the couch until it was confirmed that he was in the other city.

That time, what I did wasn't any particularly big deal, it was almost fun even, like a sleepover when you're a kid. but it was knowing that my friend felt that much safer with me around, that I was the person she called to literally watch over her while she slept, and saw me as someone that reliable, that made me feel happy and proud.

Anyway, yeah, stuff like that.


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I guess the thing I am the most proud of is quitting heroin. It wasn't really something I thought I could do. Was such a part of my life, and with pain also being such a part of my life I just thought it would always be there. The people that truly care about me didn't push me to quit. They allowed me to get there in my own time. Encouraged me when I made the decision to quit, and really helped me to feel like it was possible.

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