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  1. poisonedresistance

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    be thankful

    if only if only is the plaintive cry we so often hear,

    from those who are finding life hard to bear.

    who are tired of swimming against the tide.

    who feel lady luck has passed by on the other side,

    it can be most depressing when this feeling overtakes.

    and i hope it doesn't happen for all our sakes,

    but if u feel it coming on there is one thing you can do,

    look around and recognise there are many much worse off than you.

    that might not provided much in the way of consolation,

    but it could make you realise that you are not in isolation.

    and whilst recognising that the earths treasures are not equally divided,

    it could make you more thankful for what life has provided.
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    lovely :heart:
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