Beastly (2011)

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    I saw the trailer. I got a wee bit angry and then a wee bit grateful.

    I got angry as in real life people do judge others by their looks & many pursue someone for their looks. People have preferences over how they want someone to look. Words like cute and hot are thrown around, and the more harmful words like fat and ugly are too.

    I'm grateful that others will see this film and will try to be more considerate towards others that don't meet their preferences. People deserve chances.

    I personally don't find attraction towards anyone until i've gotten to know know them. Do i oogle people? Yes, however, i oogle everyone though. I really don't have a preference in how someone looks. Is this me being desperate or what?

    I never throw around words like that until i've gotten to know someone (I may someone has a nice smile or eyes). And, i certainly can't stand when either sex says, "Oh my god, hot."
    There's basing someone on their looks and then there's pursing someone because they tick your LOOK boxes.

    I'm just venting here. I'm really odd.
  2. me myself and i

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    What i have found in life is......................... when people are angry at others, its themselves they are really angry at.
    Letting go of bad emotions is never easy, but carrying negative ones can ONLY be damaging.
    Beauty comes from within, let it shineout and the people you really want in your life, will stay close to bask under its glow.
    This is what i think, there sure are some ugly beautiful people out there and there sure are some beautiful so called ugly people out there give me the latter anyday.
  3. HakunaMatata

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    I am angry at myself for many reasons. I can also be angry out others for this reason as it's hard for me to grasp why people have "look preferences".

    True. But i don't know what i'm carrying exactly.

    Unfortunately i don't see it that way. To me people are only ugly/beautiful on the inside. Their looks don't phase me until i find their personality attractive.

    Edit: Thanks for sharing your view. :)
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  4. Illusion

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    Like I told you on MSN, I'm the same way. I can't find myself attracted to a person just by looks alone. Sure I'll tell someone if they're hot, beautiful, etc but that doesn't mean I want them in any sort of way. I'm just complimenting their appearance. They have to have a good personality to. Recently on TV I saw a girl on TV and thought to myself "Shes GORGEOUS" just by her appearance at first. Then I saw her foul personality not long after and thought "Okay.. shes really UGLY. Looks cannot overpower such a foul personality". Weird of me I know but personality is very important to me. Its what makes someone the most attractive in my eyes. I have to know someone really well in order to "want" them. Looks alone wont decide anything cause looks don't last forever.
  5. HakunaMatata

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    It's good to hear you see it that way. :girlpower
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    unfortunately for me, i tend to assume WAY TOO MUCH just from a persons look/when i see them. not in a shallow way that is. I'll see someone and they might have smiled at me( or i thought they smiled...) and i'll think they like me.....then i start thinking that they'd be the greatest person ever....blah blah blah. to be honest, i'd love to meet someone that is like me, that im not awkward around, that i dont worried around, that i dont feel stupid or inadequate around. its really hard because i seem to think that if someone is nice to me i instantly have this idea that they must love me. which sounds stupid i know lol. guess im just not used to positive attention from most people(let alone people i may like).
  7. Illusion

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    This is where I'm gonna sound like the twisted person I am.. I can be the same way A LOT. I'll think someone is into me if they smile at me & be nice to me. That doesn't mean I'll be into them though. I'll just think they're into me & I'll start getting bashful. :mellow:
    Eventually I snap out of that thought though.