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    It matters not the sex of the species
    but yet the heart of the beast
    and yes I do refer to humans as beasts
    for I do not know of another word better suited for them
    beasts, defined by ferocious nature
    and terrifying glares of hunger
    the ability to nurture one of their own
    one with the stench of evil
    and the hatred for the innocent
    and those beasts take innocence
    they consume souls whole
    if you are not born beast, surely you will become one
    and if you do not belive humans are beasts
    understand only beasts have a need to control beasts
    a species of horror only divided from their nightmare bretheren by the mind
    the mind, the beasts weapon of choice
    the mind can destroy all, even the beast in which it lies
    and we are the worst kind of beast, for we're are supposed to be evolved
    and evolving
    I fear what sort of beast may be next in this evolutionary chain
    For we are already the kind of beast that kills for fun
    and then kills for control
    We seem to believe we have the right to do these things
    For we are evolved, we are beasts with thumbs
    therefore we must be the gods of the lesser beasts
    and if we are the gods of the lesser beasts
    then what kind of beast is our god
    for it was from this gods mind that the creation of beasts came
    but the dividing line was that he gave the lesser beasts instincts
    and the "evolved" beasts choices
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    Really enjoyed this, very true
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