Beaten by COPS in JAil

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    this is my first post. i usually never post to these types of things but i was googling ways to kill myself and stumbled upon this forum. excuse my bad grammar, i have a pretty severe concussion and my eyes are almost swollen shut. last night i was pulled over and the cop said he smelled weed and i did have weed and he found it. meanwhile my dog (the love of my life) jumps out my car and runs away from the scary german shepard k9 unit dogs. i tried to run after her but i was handcuffed and i watched her run away into the darkness on the side of the highway. they took me to jail and i cussed the officers out for losing my dog. they brought me to a room with a chair, a restraint chair. tied my hands so tight my fingers turned purple, they stripped me naked a proceeded to beat me until i was blacked out. i woke up covered in blood. when i get out, my charge was disorderly conduct. no weed charge no nothing, just a simple misdemeanor and they shot me up with weird drugs while i was there, i have so many odd blackout moment. i got to my car and my drum set had been stolen because the cops didnt lock my car. today i tried to <mod edit - method>and it didnt work and the way my life is going i cant see myself living past the week. i have so much anger and i dont know what to do besides turn it on myself
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