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I feel I will only feel beautiful when I die; That my cold corpse will hold the warmest of smiles, enough to make the world shine bright. My face escapes me, as if it is not I whom I see in the mirrors, in the surfaces of water, and those that reflect us. My heart is not pretty, nor pure. It is an amalgamation of pain and nothingness, and the will to stop its steady beat. I believe my absence will make this world beautiful, and in turn, I too will become beautiful. It's all I want.


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Hey, I think you should try and learn to enjoy being here in this world being beautiful, you are obviously struggling a lot, I don't know if it would help but maybe start a diary thread on here and write out your thoughts and try and make the most of the rest of your time here, you'll be deceased long enough, counselling could possibly teach you coping skills to help you live a life worth living. *hug


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the world will shine brighter with you in it. the smiles will be yours when you have joy. you are just starting off in life. it will become interesting and you'll have many chances for joy and love. you also have to live through the bad times. i hope you can feel better soon...mike....*hug*shake
Hi. I'm sorry you're feeling so bad. What you wrote is quite profound... do you enjoy creative writing? You seem excellent at it - maybe this could be an outlet for you? Have you ever tried therapy? I hope you can feel a bit better soon. Sending hugs *console.

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