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Bebo Suicides)

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by LILICHIPIE, Jan 25, 2008.

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    LILICHIPIE Well-Known Member

    Well all of you have probably heard about the possible connections between those 7 youngs lads from England the Website Bebo

    Whats your thought about it

    Well to me; I cannot believe that those people; no matter how depressed they are; have thought about taking their own lives because they wanted to have a memorial website page
    They can have been influenced by their lads on swearing about how shitty life is but come on to the extent of judging whos next on the list; this doesnt make sense

    They must have been deeply affected by the losses and depression can have been worsened

    However; it makes me laugh so much that a certain called "press" have been talking about Suicide cult and that Suicide was seen as a romantic thing as having a memorial site
    I mean come on thats insulting

    all of this makes me think that this type of attitude only stigmates more and more suicide and those beavered by suicide
  2. nicesinging1

    nicesinging1 Well-Known Member

    Whenever I read these kinds of news, I am more and more amazed by the power of depression. That depression is powerful enough to override the human's innate defense of self-survival. Also the fact that depression can single-handedly ruin/destory people's lives and those around them. I wouldn't put depression as something as serious as cancer, but it is close.
    Final point, I hope those 7 young people RIP. They had whole life ahead of them and life shouldn't end this way. It is never fair for any human being to be given a life that is beyond his/her capacity to endure and manage.
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